For those of you not familiar with The Forex Autopilot System, this is a forex trading software with the ability to analyze the market trends and place trade orders all on its own.

I then figured, why not set the Forex Autopilot System to open a maximum of 3 trade orders at a time, as this will still allow for a safe margin -$1,000 per trade-, and then see what happens?

I thought this would be a good idea because I had seen that the software rarely needed more than a $200-$300 margin before closing a trades for a profit, so with a 1,000 points of variation margin per trade and 3 trades at a time, I would be able to pull more profits while still playing it safe.

The result: simply astonishing, because when I first started at 1 trade at a time the Forex Autopilot was placing 1-3 winning trades per days depending on the market conditions, so you can imagine, with the limit of trade orders set to 3, it began to place 3-9 trade orders daily, which in turn grew my paper money from $3,000 to $6,154 in just over two weeks. Using a small lot size with a higher number of trades at a time, is also a good way to split your risk and increase the chances of growing your account, because the Forex Autopilot may get it wrong at times, and if you have it set to place only 1 trade order then you could spend days waiting for it to close it while you are probably losing opportunities for good trades, whereas if you allow the system to place several orders at a time -always with a safe margin-, maybe it will place a bad trade that will get stuck for a day or longer, but in the meantime the Forex Autopilot will remain placing winning trades and growing your account while you wait for the that bad trade to be closed.

7 Reasons For Using Automated Forex System Trading

Executive Summary about forex system By Gordon Miles

Automated For-ex System Trading Can Be Your Answer To Recession

Dream of every money trader, since money exchange invention, was to discover automated for-ex system trading that is reliable enough to make your investment constantly grow. Logical solution would be an automated for-ex system trading that would operate 24 hours a day with minimal supervision.

That is how trading robots appear on the market and with their evolution automated for-ex system trading become very popular, especially for people who:

* Want to trade with the as accurate and profitable trading robots as possible.
* Cannot constantly monitor the For-ex market because of a day job, commitments, etc and want automatic software to do it for them.
* Would like to trade For-ex profitably but don’t know how (the robot suppose to do everything for you…from A to Z!).
* Want a secondary or primary income source that is consistent.
* Want to be amongst the 1% of for-ex traders who grow their trading account and multiply them frequently.
* Want to break out from the boring and frustrating routine of hard work without adequate reward.
* Want to start making money today, not 2 months from now!

Automated for-ex system trading can provide that necessary balance between earnings and expenses and help easier sailing through challenges of recession.

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