Excecutive Sumarry about Common Currency Pairs in Global Currency Trading by Brent Crouch

Generally speaking, any two currency pairs can be traded back and forth. Even if common information is not kept about two specific currency pairs with respect to each other, that currency information can be obtained by comparing both of those currencies to the American dollar.

American Dollar and European Dollar This particular currency pair is also known as the EUR/USD or the USD/EUR depending on the particular point of view to trading that you bring to the table. American Dollar and British Pound: This particular currency pair is also known as the USD/GBP or the GBP/USD currency pair. This used to be the most common currency pair traded in the world and might still be the most common one traded if you put the conventional large traders back into the picture. European Dollar and British Pound: Also known as the EUR/GBP or GBP/EUR. Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen: This is the CHY/JPY or the JPY/CHY currency pair. This trade is very popular in Asia and like the CAD/USD trade also occurs quite often outside of conscious currency trading with the number of people that travel back and forth between areas that have these two pairs.


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