Excecutive Sumarry about FX Trading System - Evaulation and Selection by Tim Barnby

Whether you are trading stock, commodities, or a Forex market, following the overall trend should be your first priority. Trading against the trend might get you a few winning trades, but a prudent trader sticks with the overall trend. Chasing retracements is okay if you want a rush. If you want to make money, you need to manage your trading like a business. That means that we make purchases at a lower price than the projected sale price. Counter trend trading goes against that rule. There are several methods for determining a trend. I recommend the Blue Zone, or a similar method for determining the health of a trend.

The ideal FX trading system will provide you with an iron clad set of rules for trading. Your trading results will be tightly correlated to your adherence to rules. When selecting a trading system, make sure you can live with the rules. If you cannot, find another system. If you find that your emotions will not allow you to follow these rules, find another way to make money. A system will only work if you use it correctly and consistently.

When reviewing messages in the Forex trading forums, you’ll often see charts. Some of these charts are so covered with indicators that you can hardly see the price action! The best FX trading system will only use a couple of indicators. The Blue Zone system, as an example, only uses three simple moving averages (SMAs). It uses these to determine the health of the trend. The best FX trading systems will couple these few indicators with setups that are incredibly simple and easy to identify. There are systems that use ascending triangles, multi-candle setups, and complicated crossovers. Those are just too complicated to be of much value, and in my opinion, lack consistency. The Blue Zone system uses a single candle setup. This single candle is highly predictive of reversals and will provide consistent results. Of course you have to know which times to trade it.


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