Excecutive Sumarry about How To Become A Successful Trader by Ash Naeck

The most vital piece of forex education that you must learn as a Forex Trader is which strategy best suits your style of trading.

As an aspiring trader, you will be tempted to test all the indicators available to you and read about all the different strategies you may come across. I call it the DDP (sounds like a wrestler i use to watch on televison) DETERMINATION, DICIPLINE and PATIENCE.

An important point to remember:

Always choose a strategy in accordance to your account size. Pick a strategy that suits your style and experiment it on the time frame you feel most comfortable with. Do not jump from strategy to strategy, this is a recipe for disaster. Stick to one strategy and back test and demo test it until you are comfortable with it. If it suits your style of trading then you have a possible winner.

You will be amazed to how effective those simple points when applied to your trading routine may help you become a profitable trader.

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