Trading foreign exchange is exciting and potentially very money-making, but there are also considerable risk factors. It is crucially important that you fully understand the implications of margin trading and the fussy pitfalls and opportunities that foreign exchange trading offers. On these pages, we offer you a concise introduction to the Forex markets as well as their participants and some strategies that you can apply. However, if you are ever in doubt about any feature of a trade, you can always discuss the matter in-depth with one of our dealers. They are available 24 hours a day on the Saxo Bank online trading system, SaxoTrader.
The benchmark of its service is proficient execution, concise analysis and expertise - all achieved whilst maintaining an attractive and competitive cost structure. Today, Saxo Bank offers one of Europe's premier all-round services for trading in derivative products and foreign exchange. We count amongst our employees abundant dealers and analysts, each of whom has many years experience and a wide and varied knowledge of the markets - gained both in our home countries and in international financial centres. When trading foreign exchange, futures and other derivative products, we offer 24-hour service, extensive daily analysis, individual access to our Research & Analysis department for specific queries, and immediate execution of trades through our international network of banks and brokers. All at a price considerably lower than that which most companies and private investors normally have access to.


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